Saturday, April 17, 2010

Comfort in Troubled Times Psalm 46:5 NIV


When your world is suddenly turned upside down, remember, God's plans for your life haven't been cancelled! When you are trapped with no way out, here are some things to remember:
(1) Look for the river. "There is a river whose streams make glad" (Ps 46:4 NIV). In Old Testamant symbolism, rivers represent God's supply for your every need. When every human source of supply seems to have dried up, don't fear, look for the river.
(2) Look for the city. God has planted His "city...the holy place where the Most High dwells" (v.4 NIV), right in the middle of your circumstances. God's city, the symbol of His presence and power, guarantees He's still in control and that He will restore peace and order to your troubled world..
(3) Look for the signs of God's presence. "God will help [you] at break of day" (v.5 NIV). Daybreak, a symbol of new beginnings, gives you confidence that beyond this time of trouble of and testing, a new day is at hand. 'Great is his faithfullness; his mercies begin afresh each morning" (La 3:23 NLT). Keep up the faith, be strong and know that God is ever present with you in time of trouble. Feel free to go to for updates on our ministry